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PHP Development

PHP web based application is one of the hyper scripting languages to be used for the developing a of small to big websites. PHP is a open source codes which are found on the internet for customized website development.


Our experience in PHP development application enables us to deliver scalable solutions that can meet customer needs and expect more with high regard to cost, quality and timeframes of the website. We have produced our own Content Management Systems, Work flow Management, Customized Web Applications, Social networking sites, E-Commerce module etc. We support databases like My SQL and Oracle.

We offer our PHP development services to our clients across the globe. Our services are highly customized and revolve around our client’s requirements. So, you can always let us know about your requirements and we will take care of all those. You are served with exactly what you have asked us for. Whether you need highly advanced web applications built in PHP or simply want to hire an experienced PHP developer for web development, you will get it all. There are no limits to our PHP development expertise.

Advantages of PHP
  • Cross-Platform. PHP is, an application can be run on various platforms
  • Speed
  • Stable
  • Ease of use. Any individuals who are new to programming can easily learn to use them within a short duration of time.
  • Open source and Powerful library support
  • Weak type
Nodejs Development

Node.js uses the JavaScript V8 engine that Google uses with their Chrome browser. The creators of the open-source cross-platform re-purposed the engine to provide a server-side runtime environment that compiles Javascript into native machine code instead of interpreting it or executing as bytecode. Javascript V8 is written in C++, and anyone can download the engine and embed it in any application.

We provides smart services to our global clients, keeping them satisfied at all levels of the development process. We help our clients achieve great success with our impressive services and solutions in their respective fields of interest. We keep our resources open to make the services available to everyone at any point in their working process.

We strive for translating business requirements into meaningful Node JS development technology solutions in the form of our Node.js development services.

AngularJS Development

Angular JS is a Javascript framework. It is use for the development of dynamic web apps. It provides the functionality to use HTML as your template language. The data binding and dependency injection feature of Angular JS eliminates much of the code redundancy.


AngularJS is the reinforced version of HTML for web application development, which enables the developers at WMS to develop powerfully dynamic apps. One of the top selling points of AngularJS is the data binding and dependency injection it offers, which eliminates the need to write line-and-lines of code. This incredible feature of AngularJS makes designing alluring UI’s and web applications, a piece of cake!

We understand that in today’s digital world which is already crowded with so many web applications, the only way to distinguish your online business is through innovative approach. Abiding to that understanding, we dedicate our fair amount of expertise in coming up with insanely good & new ideas.

Our experienced team has expertise in all the AngularJS related technologies, including the following
  • Extensive knowledge on MVC, MVVM Javascript frameworks like AngularJS, Backbone.js, Ember.js, ReactJS, Ionic etc.
  • REST API driven, complex single page web application development with MongoDB on the backend
  • Full stack cross-platform mobile app development, using ionic.
Code Igniter Development

CodeIgniter is a very popular and powerful PHP framework for creating full-featured web applications. It is an open source which helps programmers in providing cost-effective PHP solutions. CodeIgniter is a MVC (Model-Viewer-Controller)  based object-oriented framework which provides an environment for the designers and developers to work simultaneously thereby considerably reducing the development time.

CodeIgniter framework is known by PHP developers for its ease of management, flexibility and the expeditious development. There are colossal attraction to use of Codeigniter framework for PHP web portals and apps, it includes security and XSS filtering, MVC based system, compatibility of PHP 4 & PHP 5, and many more.

We have a highly trained and skilled Codeigniter development team provides the best features of PHP framework and delivers the result-oriented website application

Features of Codegniter
  • Model-View-Controller Based System
  • Extremely Light Weight
  • Form and Data Validation
  • Session Management
  • Email Sending Class. Supports Attachments, HTML/Text email, multiple protocols (sendmail, SMTP, and Mail) and more.
  • File Uploading Class
  • Localization
  • Data Encryption
  • Full Page Caching
  • Application Profiling
  • User Agent Class
  • Template Engine Class
  • XML-RPC Library
  • Search-engine Friendly URLs
  • Large library of "helper" functions
  • Model-View-Controller Based System
  • Extremely Light Weight
  • Full Featured database classes with support for several platforms.
  • Active Record Database Support
  • Security and XSS Filtering
  • File Uploading Class
  • Image Manipulation Library (cropping, resizing, rotating, etc.). Supports GD, ImageMagick, and NetPBM
  • FTP Class
  • Pagination
  • Benchmarking
  • Error Logging
  • Calendaring Class
  • Zip Encoding Class
  • Trackback Class
  • Unit Testing Class
  • Flexible URI Routing
  • Support for Hooks and Class Extensions
  • Codeigniter is fast, reliable, lightweight and more capable.
CakePHP Development

In the world of web application development frameworks, CakePHP stands out for its out-of-the-box features, aim for rapid development, and minimized configuration requirement. It offers varied options which include database access, translations, and much more. In fact, there’s only a few frameworks that can compete with it in terms of developing appealing websites and integrating robust web applications.


CakePHP is a Rapid Application Development Framework written in PHP. It is used for developing highly scalable and organized web applications. Because of it’s Model View Controller architecture, the core logic of the application remains separated from the application views. This allows for better organization of application.

We have good experience working with CakePHP and you can count on us for creating your next CakePHP based application.

Listed below here are some of profound CakePHP features that makes it renowned Among web developers:
  • User-Friendly Tool
  • Innovation Capability
  • CRUD Scaffolding
  • Robust Performance
  • Reasonable Approach
  • Testing Method
Laravel Development

Laravel is the most sought after PHP framework in which every company wants their website or applications to be styled. It comprises of simple codes, immense “bundles”, and extensive migration options to develop websites that are modern in the “look and feel”.

Laravel PHP Framework is built with the focus of writing code syntax that is simple and expressive. This will provide the advantage of having a Web Application that is developer friendly and code that is maintainable.

Although Laravel Framework is only three years old, it has been built with a focus of being superior over the other PHP frameworks, with better code foundation, maintainability and more robust features

The main role of a reliable Laravel Web Development
  • Develop scalable, feature-rich and secure websites and applications. 
  • Improving the user experience as much as possible. This happens with the improvement in the security of your website and applications. 
  • Deliver the completed projects within a short period of time. This ensures the long term relationship between you and your clients.
  • Obtain the design and development goals with a little bit of effort
UI/UX Design

We design products that are useful, easy to use, and delightful to interact with
UI design is all about how the product laid out. Our UI designers are also typically responsible for creating a cohesive style guide and ensuring that a consistent design language is applied across the product.


A great user interface promotes interaction, satisfies user needs and creates loyal customers. User Experience and User interface are the crucial ingredients of a fruitful web application. We at Webee are experienced in innovative web UI designs and planned website development, web based applications and eCommere solutions. You will get the best design from us

Our UX/UI Development Services
  • User Experience (UX) Design and Testing
  • Mobile Responsive Web Design
  • User Experience Consulting Services
  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • Rapid Prototyping & Front End Development